Branding carries incredible weight when it comes to the success of a company. How you brand your company can be a customer’s first glance into your work and that first impression needs to be a good one. I found the images above from and they were created by a graphic design company called byHaus Studios in Quebec.

I was attracted to their work immediately because of their simplicity, clean lines and impressive use of whitespace. I believe the simpler the design, the more attractive it is to a client because they are drawn too whats important quickly and there is no room for distractions.  In the example above they picked a fool proof colour pallet by choosing only black, white and silver. They paired their clean san-serif typeface with a logo that represents a building in a uncomplicated design that has just enough movement to make it interesting. Due to its simplicity, this branding can translate well across multiple branding items like business cards and letterheads.

For more of their work check out their website:

Images link:…/Architect-Maurice-Martel-identity