“Back in 2005, I discovered that there were thousands of named angels throughout multiple mythologies. I’ve been hooked ever since and Angelarium has been a part of my life every single day. Even when I’m not paying attention to it, it’s gone out on the internet and had a life of its own. The name of the project has come to define the idea of surreal angelic figures and the fan base around it has inspired me to continue to create new designs for it.”

-Peter Mohrbacher


I find this project incredibly inspiring from a design perspective. To take the concepts of mythical angels and their specific names, and to create such unique character designs is amazing. The technique and skill displayed in these pieces is astounding, but what really caught my eye was the character design and concept. These illustrations generally stay away from cliché angel designs, and have an alien and unearthly quality to them while maintaining a basic humanoid form. Each of them is thematically coherent and unified, with creative interpretations on the role and form their name suggests. Their colour schemes are very well composed, unifying the composition between the subject in the foreground and the environment in the background. The overall effect is poetic and almost meditative.

The illustrations shown here are just a few of my favourites, but there are many more on the main site!

Source: https://www.angelarium.net