This image is simple but gives us a clear message that humans are running out of time as the Earth is experiencing global warming and climate change due to human industrial activity.  Currently, many countries or cultures are still doing only minimal work to conserve the environment or to slow down the effects of climate change.  Unfortunately, most still believe that the world can still wait or climate change does not affect us, hence, no environmental conservation actions are necessary.  However, this illustration clearly emphasizes the fact that the world does not have much time left, and if we do not act now, global warming will continue to cause further melting of the ice that makes up the arctic circle.  As a result, sea levels will continue to rise, which will eventually flood the lands and cities, as illustrated in the image.

The simple illustration urges humans to take immediate action to conserve the environment before the true effect of climate change will affect us all.

The typeface used in the illustration is appropriate, because it is simple and delivers a serious attitude to the audience, which is suitable for the issue being emphasized.