Bibliotheca is a Kickstarter that I funded in the summer of 2014. The proposal was a unique attempt to allow the Bible to be read as it was originally read:as an experience of literature. Without numbers dividing chapters or verses, the flowing text would allow the reader to leave behind the encyclopedic format and enjoy reading the words for what they are.

It was an ambitious project that had a small goal of $37, 000 that was rapidly reached and just as quickly topped out at $1, 440, 345. The books were to be made using the highest quality paper, cloth covering and binding materials with a uniquely designed typeface that is tailored to the translation. It’s a set of books for book lovers. The canonical Bible is broken up into 4 volumes with the Apocrypha being the fifth. The result is a uniquely beautiful collection of books that offer an entirely new experience of reading the Bible.

The project wasn’t without it’s difficulties though! The Kickstarter closed in the summer of 2014 and the projected shipping date was for Christmas that same year. I received my set just last month. The daunting task of designing a bespoke typeface, selecting and ordering the materials, manufacturing the books, and creating a new Biblical translation (fusing the ASV and YLT) took far more people and time than originally thought. The result of 2 whole years of work is pretty impressive though, and I couldn’t be happier with my set!

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