This is a concept design for FLOAT, a hypothetical soap company targeting the millennial market. I appreciate how the designer has consistently used pastel colors in the packaging that play in the style of the soaps themselves. Each batch carries a unique abstract pattern and the intersecting lines of color– and even texture– on the soap’s box matched the pattern on the soap itself (scroll down for more pictures).

It looks like each boxed soap comes with a round soap dish custom made to fit it in its solid, untouched state.

Everything is consistent with the brand’s look and feel: the boxes, the mail bags, the website. Even the business card is round, which makes it easy to include in the small soap boxes holding the actual product.

The text on the packaging is minimal, using larger text than usual, wider line spacing, and simple headlines. More details, such as the company’s “about” and slogan, how to use and care for the soap, and other ingredient information are placed on the inside of the box. This puts the information in front of the committed user after the box is opened and they are ready to use it. Each soap has a purpose for the user so they can feel like they’re being cared for in using the product. 

As a millennial, if I ever come across this product in the near future, I will certainly want to take one home.