Monument Valley is, hands down, the most gorgeously designed video game I’ve ever played. It’s a puzzle game whose core concept is illusion of perspective. The objective is to get the main character to the exit, but in order to do so, you must rotate the map and create new pathways that form due to perspective-based illusions.

As you can see here, even the still images of the game are phenomenal. Each stage has its own unique colour palate and architectural design. It feels like a futuristic, minimalist, colourful version of an MC Escher drawing.

While also being visually pleasing, the game also uses its design elements intuitively, allowing the player to not stress over gameplay mechanics and instead become fully immersed in the tonally mysterious, lush gameplay experience.

It’s cheap and available on mobile. I implore you to play it—it takes less than a couple hours.

-Trevor McMahan