I have been fascinated by the artist Christian Watson for a few years now.  I have seen his work progress in the area of design from these little drawings for his own pleasure, growing into employed work.  He has developed his skill by not only making these drawings, but also making almost anything from the design of a label, to his own jackets.

The drawing seen above and below is one of his pieces that was commissioned by Land Rover. This is a pretty unreal opportunity for this artist and his career, as he continues to grow.

As an artist myself, I find his work inspiring and makes me excited to explore greater heights within design.



Good morning! Some of you may have seen this drawing happening live yesterday, well here's the finished result! I've been working with @landrover for little over half a year now and it's been an unimaginable opportunity. They've asked me to speak about one of my journeys in one of the old journeys, and lord knows I've been on a few of em in my life. But after looking at this picture and really feeling proud of the work I've done, I decided I'd talk instead about the journey it took to get here. When I started drawing as a kindergartener I had no inkling of an idea that it would be what i do professionally. I couldn't have imagined the hate that would be slung my way, the nights I'd go hungry from simply forgetting to eat, or when I couldn't afford a decent meal. I also never would have expected a flourish of opportunity, to meet amazing people, and work under incredible conditions. It was not some overnight, Instagram-fueled desire that allotted me this position. I tried college so many times and desperately spent money trying to believe that eventually, one day I would have a job I'd like. But after three years it didn't happen and I was given the chance to change my life drastically. I left behind great people, only to meet amazing new ones who would also leave my life. There's been so many ups and downs I could never anticipate and I know in my young life, that there's a million more to come on my journey. And for your journey, and everyone's, there is an unexpected amount of fruit and rot ahead. But the one thing you don't ever do is quit what you believe in, I mean really feel at a core level. The minute you give that up, you start to sacrifice the parts of yourself you need. People come and go, but you have to spend everyday of your life with you. It might sound selfish, it might be the hardest thing you ever do, you might lose the people you love the most, but life is inevitable and so is change. Keep your head up, your humility going, and keep working. We are not meant to stay still, we are meant to explore everything in front of us. Take those strange and difficult opportunities. Venture Onward! #1924us #go #explore #landrover

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