The Las Vegas Golden Knights are set to become the National Hockey Leagues 31st team this coming September. Late last year, team owner Bill Foley and fellow team executives unveiled the franchises first logo in front of thousands of excited fans.

The logo features a knights helmet, shaded in “steel grey and gold.” The helmet features the outline of a “V”, which is a reference to the teams new found home of Las Vegas. The backdrop for the helmet is a shield, furthering the dual themes of knights and armour.

I am a big fan of the logo for a number of reasons. I really like the shades of colours the designers used, and the reasoning behind using them (Nevada is the largest producer of gold in the U.S.). The logo also features a fairly minimalistic design, one that I hope many other NHL teams follow suit if opting for a new logo. Finally, I love how they have incorporated the letter “V” within the logo, it’s subtle enough that it’s not taking away from the logo, but still incorporates more of Vegas within the design.

Well done, Vegas!

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