I found both of these designs as interesting inspiration for the project on minimalism. It is interesting to note what the designer has left missing in each: the focal point.

In the photo of the face, it is quite a good use of space to show everything that is on/around the face (ie. glasses, hat, hair, clothes on the upper shoulders), yet the face itself is negated. Similarly, a poster for The Beatles parallels a popular album cover (Abbey Road), yet it shows only the well-known street markings and negates the images of the band-members themselves. I find it very fascinating that in both cases our minds automatically know what the image is portraying, and we “fill in” what is missing in our minds. We don’t see inanimate clothing accessories floating above an inanimate clothing, we see a person; despite the fact that there is actually no person present. With the Beatles poster, we don’t merely see four white lines, we see the Abbey Road crosswalk; despite the fact that there are no Beatles walking across it.

As humans we are visually drawn to people and people’s faces. In both of these instances, we are presented with everything about the situation EXCEPT for the people or the face. Very smart design.