llse_bc_0013_15.jpgThis is a promotional card created for the Look. Listen. Smell. Eat webzine. This design caught my eye because it combines the principles of user experience with promotional and graphic design in a unique and (I think) effective way. The focus of the webzine is “eating experience design” which examines how presentation, sound, design, and space affect our eating experiences. By creating a promotional card in a matchbox style, the user is encouraged to “Look. Listen. Smell. Eat.” as they remove the inner packaging. The shape, aesthetic, and content of this promotional card effectively draw attention to the focus on eating experiences which is the basis behind this webzine. Thus, the card not only provides contact information, but illustrates to the user what the principles of eating experiences actually are. llse_bc_0011_12.jpgllse_bc_14.jpg